Lucas County
Township Association

Harding, Jerusalem, Monclova, Providence, Richfield, Spencer, Springfield, Swanton, Sylvania, Washington and Waterville

Local self government is a vital principle of free institutions. 

The Lucas County Township Association will protect against any attempt to abolish township government and it will secure better relationships between townships through friendly dialog and cooperation with the primary goal of sharing best practices. 

The Lucas County Township Association will work diligently to support the Ohio Township Association.  The township officials represented by the Lucas County Township Association are neighborhood officials and are more directly responsible to the voters of their
neighborhood than possibly any other elected official. 

Join us!


Membership  year now July 1 - June 30th.  Recruit new members while we have the time.  Contact Chuck Hoecherl for more information! Ohio Township Association is discontinuing use of membership cards therefore for the 2015/2016 membership drive, cards will NOT be provided.

Contact an officer or email at
LCTA Directory:  Interested in an electronic copy? Find the 2015 update by clicking on the link here.

Find the Ohio Municipal Directory by clicking on this link:

2016 Officers
President: Chuck Hoecherl, Monclova Township Trustee,               
Vice President:  Neal Mahoney, Sylvania Township Trustee,

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